About Lehman Electrical Resources

As we (Lehman Company and Associates), were visiting our customers and listening to their needs, it became evident that there was a niche market opportunity offering services and products in the area of animal mitigation. Our customers were looking for solutions.

Lehman Company and Associates had established a customer base and long-term relationships selling various products and services in the electrical power industry, so it was a natural progression to offer a synergistic grouping of products to address these needs.

Lehman Electrical Resources LLC (LER) was birthed out of this need in 2009. It was our desire to offer a “bread basket” of products and services to address the problem of animal-caused outages in electrical substations. We wanted to offer a one-stop shop and provide expertise to our existing customers and others out in the market place that needed solutions for animal mitigation. Customers have found us across the country with various animal mitigation needs from the typical squirrels and raccoons to large birds and snakes. We’ll work to provide the best solution for your unique application. We have had success with our patented Structure Guard System, a very cost effective, environmentally and people friendly solution. Read more About Structure Guard and check out our videos.

Let our experts tackle your animal mitigation problems. ‘Solutions in Animal Mitigation’ is our business; our reputation is built on how reliable your service is…


Lehman Electrical Resources

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