Structure Guard

What we perform annually

  1. Disassemble and reassemble all removable structures to ensure proper working order
  2. Ensure Pins are easily removable and replaceable and lubricate/clean pins
  3. Reapply paint to indicate where bottom pins are located
  4. Check every structure with gauge to ensure the integrity of the structure against entry
  5. Where applicable: fix gapping and replace loose rivets
  6. Verify integrity of material
  7. Level and rebury units that may have shifted
  8. Clean units
  9. Replace missing labels
  10. System summary documentation

Structure Guard Documentation

Hardcopies as well as digital copies are provided.

  1. Site plan
  2. Comprehensive structure list
  3. Individual units
  4. Removal instructions
  5. Replacement parts list
  6. Contact information
  7. Warranty

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